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Reasons to Use Hands Off Massage


If you answer “yes” to even one of these, a Hands Off Massage is for you!

  1. Are you curious as to exactly what Hands Off Massage is all about? Come on in and see our amazing center!
  2. No more avoiding massages because you’re not a fan of being touched.
  3. Do you need your massage now, and don’t want to wait until your massage therapist can schedule you in? Walk-ins Welcome!
  4. You never have to feel awkward with disrobing. You keep everything on, with the exception of your footwear. Wearing sandals? No problem! We supply complimentary socks for your use!
  5. Does your massage therapist do the same technique every time you go? We have over 45 different programs to choose from.
  6. Although you can enhance your chair massage with aromatherapy oils, you won’t leave feeling saturated by messy oils or lotions.
  7. Time efficiency – because our chairs are highly efficient, you get a full body massage in a fraction of the time a hand’s on massage takes.
  8. Do you have various feelings about what to tip your massage therapist after the massage is done? Don’t stress over that one! There’s never any tipping at Hands Off Massage.
  9. Looking for new ideas for your own personal self-care efforts? This is one of them.
  10. Challenging day and a massage sounds good? Just come right in!
  1. Needing some ole fashion rejuvenation? We have you covered!
  2. Not sure what to do for those special holidays, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Grandparent’s Day? Select a Deluxe room and be pampered with that special someone.
  3. Not sure what to get dad for Fathers Day? Get him what he usually wants…peace and quiet…and a Hands Off Massage.
  4. Looking for something different to do with your honey? Make Hands Off Massage a part of your date night.
  5. Do you work in a highly laborious or physical job? A Hands Off Massage will get those over-worked muscles saying “aaahhhhh”.
  6. Having a stressful morning at work? Come in and get an amazing massage during your lunch break.
  7. Are you on your feet the majority of the day? Our Zero-Gravity feature will have your legs and feet praising you.
  8. Looking for a unique gift for any occasion? THAT we are, and THAT we have!
  9. Great day on the slopes, but feeling it in your body? Let’s remove that lactic acid build up from your muscles the Hands Off Massage way.
  10. Is sitting at that computer desk all day got your shoulders tight? Achy lower back? We’ll get that worked out for you.
  1. Students: need we say more…(we have specials with your student ID)
  2. Getting married? May we suggest Hands Off Massage as part of your Bachelorette activities?
  3. Pregnant and need a little relief? Massage chairs have been proven to be safe and effective for pregnant women (see Pregnancy and Massage Chair tab)
  4. Our services can cater to a friends’ day or night out.
  5. Yard work has you stressed, tired, and achy? Drop that rake and end your day revitalized!
  6. Athletes: a Hands Off Massage is perfect for working your whole body and assisting in quicker muscular healing.
  7. Do you suffer from chronic pain? Research has shown massages can help reducing pain.
  8. Runners, 5Ker’s, and Marathoner’s: feet hurt? Amongst the other great features, the foot and calf massage is incomparable. Come on in after your next event, and bring your buddies, too!
  9. The combination of time saving, efficiency of a full hour massage in just 30 minutes, and the convenience of no appointment necessary is just what you’ve been looking for!
  10. You deserve to feel good!