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What if I am pregnant?

Here are some reasons why using a massage chair during pregnancy is a good idea:

  1. Eases Back Pain: The vibrating massage chair work wonders to decrease back pain. According to studies, a massage chair helps circulate blood in the upper body, relieving pain and cramps.
  2. Does Not Jar the Body: Pregnant woman worry that the vibration of the massage chair may harm the unborn baby. However, the vibration from a massage chair moves your body just like walking, and mild vibrations won’t harm they baby.

Benefits of Massage Chairs During Pregnancy:

  1. Lower Stress: Prenatal massage helps manage the hormone levels in the body and lower stress, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Eases Leg And Back Pain: During pregnancy, you may end up with pain in the lower back and legs. Your growing uterus takes up a lot of space and puts pressure on your body. A good massage session can help ease this pain to a great extent.
  3. Reduces Chances Of Premature Birth: Contrary to belief, massage during pregnancy reduces the chance of premature birth.
  4. Makes Labor Easy: Research shows that massage therapy during labor boosts shorted labor and reduces chances of postnatal depression.

There are some things to keep in mind before using a massage chair:

  1. Avoid using a massage chair during the first trimester. The first trimester is the time when your body is transforming. The chances of miscarriage are high during the first three months of pregnancy.
  2. Limit the time you spend on the massage chair. Limit the session to 15-20 minutes, although you might really want to stay longer.
  3. During the third trimester, don’t put too much pressure on you belly. Don’t try to squeeze your body into the chair. If you’re too big for the chair, do not use it.
  4. Do not use a massage chair if you have:
  • High-risk pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia
  • History of pre-term labor
  • Swelling or severe headaches

Several massage chair companies warn against using the chairs during pregnancy. Some of the rational for not using them while pregnant include:

  1. Pressure Points: Stressing the pressure points in the body can lead to premature labor. Using a massage chair may trigger pressure points, leading to serious complications. Pressure points include ankle and feet massages, hand massages, and massaging the lower trunk of the body (i.e. sacrum, lower back and lower abdomen).
  2. Heating Pad: Most massage chairs have a heating feature. This feature can increase your body temperature, which in turn can spike your baby’s heart rate and cause cardiovascular problems.

Don’t let this scare you away from massages during pregnancy. The fact is that a good massage, including those in massage chairs, has much to offer.

If you have no health complications, using a massage chair is safe and effective. Ultimately, it is a decision that only you and your doctor can determine if it’s appropriate for you.  For you and your unborn child’s safety, Hands Off Massage, LLC, will always require a release from your doctor.

What should I expect when I get there?

After signing in, you’ll be seated in our welcoming lobby, where we will walk you through the process of selecting your perfect massage. By using a Massage Menu, we will understand your target areas and the highlights you want from the massage you came in for. We’ll describe the process of how the chair operates, the application of the essential oils, and answer any questions you might have.

Once that is complete, we’ll guide you to your chair, and get you going on the massage. With the selection of the Single or Duo Deluxe rooms, we’ll start you with the heated, moist towel. With all massages, essential oils are optional and are applied at this time. Essential oils are complimentary, but never required if you don’t want it.

So, now we begin the actual massage program. We make sure your massage is completely comfortable, without pain or discomfort, before we ever leave you alone. Once you’re dialed in, we’ll leave you to it. We will come back within a few minutes to check on you, just in case you realize you need an adjustment.

The massage programs end gently. Because the chairs don’t reset themselves to their starting position, we ask you remain in the chair and enjoy the good feelings your body is experiencing. We’ll be there shortly after your massage is finished and help you exit the chair. It may hard to leave the chair because you don’t want it to end, but eventually we’ll meet you back in the lobby.

Before you leave, you can purchase pre-paid punch cards for your future visits. We offer various options that fit your individual needs. Unlike other places that limit what you can do with these cards, we don’t. You may share them with multiple people or use them as a group. And they never expire. And don’t forget to pick up an original Hands Off Massage t-shirt, tote bag, and a Hands Off Massage bottle of water.

Is my massage private?

Yes, and we offer three options.

  1. We offer the Single Deluxe room. You’ll receive your massage in a private room, with your own meditation video. You’ll begin with a moist, heated towel and then the essential oil. A complimentary bottle of Hands Off Massage water is included with this service.
  2. We offer the Duo Deluxe room, which has the same benefits as the Single Deluxe room, except it’s a private room for two. *Please see Pricing for the additional services we can provide.
  3. The Big room is exactly that. A big room with multiple stations of chairs. Although The Big room isn’t as private as the actual private rooms, it is semi-private. Each station has dividers, and offers each guest his or her private and personal space.