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Benefits of Zero-Gravity Feature

At Hands Off Massage, LLC, we use only the best, top of the line Massage Chairs. The Novo XT Human Touch Massage Chair is just that. Developed by the US Space program for our astronauts, the Novo XT has the ability to cradle you in a Zero-Gravity position. Being in a Zero-Gravity position helps to remove any pressure on your spine, hips, and knee joints. This chair was designed to release strain and pressure on your back, relieve muscle tension, soreness, fatigue, and improve blood oxygen level with the increased blood flow promoted in the zero gravity position. It cradles your body in a proper alignment at all recline levels to allow for thorough relaxation. Refresh, recharge and REJUVENATE!!!

Alleviate Pain

Eliminate pressure on the spine: By the push of a button, the Novo XT will gracefully move you into a neutral position. This reduces the forces of gravity acting on your spine and vertebrae, helping to diminish pressure and relieve pain.

Reduce back pain: The Portland Research Group conducted a study, in which 58% of participants who used the Novo XT reported either a reduction or elimination of their regular use of painkillers for back pain after spending time in neutral posture each day.

Reduce swelling: Raising the legs to a neutral posture position can aid those suffering from swelling and inflammation in the lower body, which improves blood flow. Sleep disturbances may also be reduced.

Reduce Stress

Muscle relaxation: Once in the Zero-Gravity position, and your body isn’t fighting against gravity, muscles are able to relax completely, enabling stress reduction and improved recovery.

Tension relief: Where do you carry stress? If you answered neck and shoulders, you’re not alone.  Poor sitting habits and slouching intensify these areas of the body. In a neutral position, these muscle groups are able to relax and recover more effectively, reducing stress during the process.

Live Healthier

Improved breathing: While in the neutral position, there is a reduction of pressure on the diaphragm. This frees the lungs to fully expand and oxygenate the blood more effectively.

Increased circulation: As your body relaxes in the neutral position, your heart is no longer forced to work against gravity to pump blood up from the legs. This allows increase circulation and increased delivery of oxygenated blood throughout the body.

Prevention of physical conditions: Relaxing in a neutral position directly contributes to the prevention of heart issues, arthritis and joint irritations, circulatory issues, and varicose veins.

Feel Better

Improved sleep: Do you suffer from sleep disturbances? The reduction of stress on the spine, and back pain that can occur as a result, can highly improve both the quality and quantity of any sleep loss you experience.

Alleviate acid reflux: The upper torso is gently shifted forward while resting in the neutral position, which assists in reducing or preventing acid or food present in the stomach from returning back to the esophagus.

Headache prevention: Reducing the pressure in the neck and shoulders has a positive effect on reducing the severity of or completely eradicating headaches.